DAVITA® offers medical technology products with the main focus on light therapy.

Days are becoming shorter during fall and winter. Most people react quite sensible on this lack of light, feel unmotivated and loose their vitality, short: They suffer from seasonal affective disorders (SAD).

During the winter, people get up with artificial light, go to work in the dawn, spend all the day in artificial light and often pass the evening in front of the television in dark rooms.

Not always the natural day light is able to compensate this lack of light. For a big number of people, deseases as winter depressions and general health disorders are preassigned.

If there is a lack of the correct light, important hormones and messengers that control our activities, feelings and well-being are not released in sufficient quantities. A depressive mood and an increased need for sleep are the consequences.

DAVITA® light therapy boxes with an adequate luminous intensity starting at 2.500 Lux can help within short delays to get out of winter depressions.

Wake up naturally in a pleasant ambiance during winter times

The light alarm clock – also known as dawn simulator or body clock – brightens up the bedroom just like the morning sun. Within about 30 minutes it signalizes our biological clock that soon it is time to get up.
When you wake up this natural way, you feel awake, fresh and powerful.

The light alarm clock can also be used as sleeping-aid. The dusk similation controls the light intensity and it is slowly reduced over a presetable delay. This leads to a pleasant deep and relaxing sleep and counteracts sleeping disorders.

The DAVITA Light alarm clock  is available in our Shop.


Heart attack and stroke are the most popular diseases world wide. Many heart diseases are combined at the beginning with very less or no troubles. With the Cardio24 you can easily and fast determine the exact ECG-data and so effectively prevent diseases of the heart and circulation.

Mobile ECG units from DAVITA® are appropriated as well for the application in the physicians practice as also for the application at home. More information you can find here. All ECG-units offered from DAVITA® and further products you can find in our shop.



The Magnetic field therapy offers a special possibility to improve the physical wellbeing. The magnetic field therapy will be recommended more frequently for supporting treatment of many of disease patterns and for health protection.

Magnetic field therapy systems from DAVITA® are appropriated as well for the application in the physicians practice as also for the application at home. More information you can find here. All magnetic field therapy system from DAVITA® you can find in our shop.


Many people suffer under acute and chronic pains. With the Transcutane Electrical Nerve stimulation (TENS) different pains can be treated without drugs and devoid of dangerous side effects. With the Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) nerves will be stimulated by electrical impulses, which activate the muscle contraction. In the rehabilitation the EMS is successfully used for the treatment of rheumatic diseases, for muscle strength after immobilisation of parts of the body, etc.

The Electro Stimulation Units Digital Fit® from DAVITA®, high quality and powerful combined units for TENS and EMS, are available in our shop.


DAVITA® offers also UV-light therapy units for the treatment of psoriasis, neurodermitis and vitiligo. These are available as UV-cabin, UV-comb, UV-baton, hand- / feet irradiation unit or UV-flood lights.

DAVITA® SkinLight products can help gently against skin diseases. You can find all SkinLight products in our shop.

The high quality and powerful UV light therapy devices from DAVITA® are available in our shop.




The DAVITA® Quality Management System is  according to DIN EN 13485.
Please find here the certificate.


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